Privacy Policy

Your privacy is critically important to us. For this reason, we have designed and worked out the given Privacy Policy to consider interests of both parties and protect your personal information used when operating within Fameelee services. Feel free to contact our support team in case any of the given issues are not clear or you need additional information. Please, note that Fameelee reserves the right to make different changes from time to time. You will be notified in case we make any amendment. Although we sent alerts on any amendments, we recommend getting in touch with the Privacy Policy and review its issues on regular basis.

1. Personal Information Definition.

Personal information can be defined as any data provided by a user who is going to use Fameelee products. When we speak of personal information, we mean your name, contact information, and any other data that may be associated with you. The administration is not limited or restricted anyhow when generating user’s information in accordance with the given Privacy Policy.

2. What Personal Information Does Fameelee Collect?

Fameelee collects several types of personal information. They include:

  • - Profile and registration data. Once you decided to use Fameelee products, you will need to create your account and indicate your name, and contact information like mobile phone number and email. We also require adding photo to your profile. The last issue is not obligatory. It is up to you to decide whether you want to have a photo associated with your account or not. If you want to add any of your family members, you will also need to indicate their personal information, which includes the same points. You may be asked to provide your billing information, credit card number or any other billing data when using premium version of the app.
  • - Geolocation. We use GPS navigation to identify your exact location. This issue is provided by the given Privacy Policy and appears to be obligatory. Otherwise we will not be able to provide high-quality service. We use Wi-Fi and other types of wireless networks to identify the location of the tracked devices as well in order to send location alerts and show where your family members are at the moment. Pay attention that your current position will never be clear for family members unless you provide them an access to your real-time location on purpose.
  • - User Content and Messaging. Every time you write a message to any of your family members, we collect the information as well as retain all messages and information you send to us in order to keep the record of messaging history.
  • - Some information is collected by Fameelee as well as our partners, suppliers or licensers automatically as soon as you visit our website or enter the mobile application. All data is automatically collected from your computer with the help of special technologies. It may include cookies, web beacon, additional tracking tools like log files and some others. The information may range from browser information and IP address to your interaction with websites, links and other resources. Fameelee administration is not limited by the above-mentioned information. We also retrieve all necessary data regarding your device and OS version. We may combine all necessary data in order to prevent you from indicating that information every time you visit our website or enter the application. The idea of collecting data using special technologies is to deliver all necessary information that is precise and customizable. At the same time, we are aimed at evaluating the efficiency of the services we provide and use some data to launch successful marketing campaigns, special offers and promotions. Some data may appear to be vital when establishing an efficient feedback, deliver updates and modifications, fix bugs and eliminate possible pitfalls and malfunctions. Knowing your IP address makes it easy for us to come up with automatic updates on regular basis.

3. How Does Fameelee Use the Collected Information?

We collect and keep your personal information in order to:

  • - deliver high-quality services;
  • - create users’ accounts and profiles;
  • - identify our every customer as an app user;
  • - get in touch with you in case you have any questions;
  • - come up with application updates, improvements and modifications;
  • - deliver special services and offers closely connected with Fameelee products;
  • - deliver newsletters, proceed with analytics, surveys and researches.

Pay attention, that your personal information will never be used for any other purposes that are not in the list above. However, the Privacy Policy may contain some changes from time to time. We will inform you in case of any amendments. You are recommended to review the section on regular basis to keep in touch with the latest changes. We never sell your personal data or share it with third parties unless it does not counteract with the given Privacy Policy.

4. What Information Does Fameelee Share with Third Parties?

Fameelee may sometimes hire third parties to develop additional features for the app, improve, test and maintain the product. Those third parties may usually include developers, programmers, administrators, hosting providers or analytics who will also have an access to clients’ database and users’ profiles within the service. In spite of that access, they are rather limited and will never have the slightest opportunity to use any of the data they may come across when improving Fameelee products. They will access your personal information only in case we are sure there is no other way to identify or contact the user, if users do any harm to the website and service in general no matter if it is intentional or not, if such actions are required by state law representatives, legal investigations, etc.

5. Security Means.

We do care about your personal information and develop the best security means to make you feel confident the data is protected from any fraud. For this reason, Fameelee has a secure environment to collect, store and track the information using latest technologies. The main mission is to reduce not only typical frauds but also any other types and efforts of unauthorized access to users’ accounts and profiles. Our specialists have successfully implemented special verification procedures in addition to other security means. However, we are not able to eliminate 100% of risk. This is why you also need to follow some general precautions and never share your password or any other personal information with third parties to prevent unauthorized access.

6. How to Deactivate User’s account or Change the Information?

Every time you want to make any changes in your personal information or stop using the service and eliminate your account, you can contact our support representatives via email and send them a request. You can also use Fameelee app to make all necessary changes and corrections on your own. Your personal information will be always available for any updates, corrections and amendments you need. Contact our support team in case you face any difficulties when editing your profile. Please, note that if you decide to stop using the app and remove it from your smartphone, your personal information will still be available in your personal account. You may access it later in case of necessity or ask our support team to remove all the data completely.

7. Interaction with Fameelee.

We regularly send different newsletters, related ads and promotions to your emails. If you do not need any of that, we can still support the communication sending you non-commercial letters and notification letting you know that we are still there. If you do not want to receive any push notifications, you only need to go to your settings section and edit the notification service.

8. Foreign Users.

Fameelee is hosted in the USA and is intended for and directed to users in the whole world. If you are a user accessing Fameelee from the United States, Asia, or any other region with laws or regulations governing personal data collection, use, and disclosure, that differ from the USA laws, please be advised that through your continued use of Fameelee, which is governed by the USA law, Fameelee Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service, you are transferring your personal information to the USA and you consent to that transfer.

9. Additional Information.

If you still have any questions, feel free to write to use using the following email: [email protected]

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