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  • How can I use Fameelee application?

    Fameelee is a free mobile application for iOS and Android platforms that help your loved ones to stay connected 24/7. You can easily find and track the location of anyone who is in your circle, chat with them through sending direct private messages or in general circle chats. You can also ask for help in case of emergency, get notifications about their movements, battery, speed etc.

  • Can I use it for free?

    Yes, the basic features of the application are free of charge. You can just download the Fameelee app and use it. We also have paid subscription for Fameelee Premium charged on the monthly or yearly basis. Premium features include unlimited Places, 30-days location history, and speed limit control. Before you pay, you may get 7-days FREE Trial for all premium features.

  • What kind of mobile devices does the Fameelee app support?

    Our application operates on all Android and iOS devices. Please note, that if you have Android device and your friend has iOS, you will be easily connected via Fameelee app.

  • Is Fameelee too heavy for a battery?

    Among the other similar applications, Fameelee is the one of the most optimized. It has the lowest battery consumption level. We have implemented a “smart” algorithm that doesn’t make your GPS working all the time but at the same time keeps your location data accurate.

  • Why do we have the “Help Alert” buttons?

    If you press this button, the members of your chosen Circle will get the notifications that you need their help with your exact location.


  • What is a Circle?

    The circle is your individual group where you are connected to the people with whom you want to be in contact. You can be a part of several different circles, for example, a Circle for your family, for your colleagues, etc. You can create new Circles for the group of people you want to gather.

  • Can I use several Circles?

    You can join unlimited number of Circles in your application. You can also create new ones and invite people there or join Circles of other people.

  • What do I need it to do to create new Circles?

    You have your Family Circle as a basic one. You can also create a new one for other groups of people. People often create separate Circles for their friends or another group of people. It is very easy to create new Circles and you can completely control all the settings and information about geolocation. All you need to do is as follows:

    • 1) Open the Menu
    • 2) Choose “Create Circle”
    • 3) Give it a name
    • 4) Press the “Save” button
    • 5) To invite new people to your Circles you can press the “+” button and see the Invitation Code you can send to the group of people you want to connect.
    • 6) Choose the “Send Code” button to send invitations. You can send them via email, text messages or other services installed on your mobile device.
  • How can I change Circles from one to another?

    To switch between different Circles and view the Circle you want to see now you should do the following.

    • 1) Find a small arrow near the name of the current Circle on the map screen and press it.
    • 2) Then you will see a list of other Circles you can choose from so just tap the one you prefer.
  • Can I delete my profile from a certain Circle?

    You can delete your profile from a Circle. But please note that your profile will not be deleted from the Fameelee app. To delete your profile from the Circle you should:

    • 1) Open the Menu
    • 2) Choose Settings in your menu
    • 3) Choose the function “Manage Circles”
    • 4) Indicate the Circle you want to leave
    • 5) Choose the button to “Leave the circle”
  • Can I delete someone from the Circle I created?

    Admins have the right to delete people from Circles.

    • 1) Open the Menu
    • 2) Choose Settings in it
    • 3) Choose “Manage Circles”
    • 4) Indicate the Circle you want to change
    • 5) Click Edit Circle
    • 6) Tap an icon in a bin to choose people you would like to delete from the Circle.
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  • How many people can be registered in one Circle?

    You can add as many people in your Circles as you want to. But, please, note that the Fameelee application operates in the best way if there are less than 10 people in one Circle.

  • How can I find my invitation code?

    There are 2 ways to find an invitation code for the given Circle

    • 1. Press the “+” sign on the map screen
    • 2. Go to the menu and to see the code on top of it
  • How can I get in a Circle?

    If you want to join the Circle of someone else you can do the following:

    • 1. You can ask the Admin of this Circle to send you an invitation code. He or she can read it to you or send it via any type of message system. This can be email, SMS, Whatsapp or other.
    • 2. If you are a current user of the application and you have your personal account you can enter the invitation code by clicking “Join a Circle” button in the Menu and entering a received invitation code.

Map and Location

  • Can my location become visible even if I don’t know it?

    No, it cannot become visible unless you give us your permission after you

    • 1) Install the application Fameelee,
    • 2) Create and enter your personal account,
    • 3) Accept the invitation to the Circle.

    After you log out of the Fameelee app, your location will not be updated.

  • What does the “Check-In” button make?

    If you tap it, you send your location details to all the members of your Circle just in one click.

    When you press this button, Check-In, all the members of your Circle receive a notification from you.

  • Can I see someone’s history of location?

    It is viewed on the profile of each Circle’s Member. Press on the name of this person and you will see all the location history.

  • What can I do if my location is not correct?

    You should turn on your GPS, WiFi and other location services you have on your mobile device. The members of your Circle should do the same. It can also depend on your device and on many other factors, such as environment, for example. It is also possible that some places don’t have good signal to reflect correct location.

    If the application is opened on your device, your location can be improved, but if you are logged-in but your Fameelee app operates in the background, your location will not be that accurate.

  • I cannot see the updates of one of my Circle Members. What can I do?

    You can follow the steps below. If you do it for someone else, then use their mobile device. Do not try to fix it on yours one.

    1. The reasons can be quite ordinal:
    • 1) A person could log out the app on the mobile device. Then they should open Fameelee again to update their location.
    • 2) Their mobile can be turned off or their battery is too low.
    • 3) They are in a location where there is no Internet and the application cannot define their location.
    • 4) They turned on the Airplane mode.
    • 5) They need to make amendments and install the latest version of the Fameelee app.
    2. Check the settings of the mobile device.

    To update location they should turn on Location Services or Background App Refresh (for iPhone).

    To turn Location Services on they should do the following.

    • - iOS devices: Choose iPhone settings - > Location -> turn on the Fameelee application
    • - Android devices: Choose Settings -> Location -> check if all the location boxes are turned on.

    To turn Background App Refresh on (only in case of an iPhone) a user should do the following.

    • - iOS devices: Settings -> General settings -> Background App Refresh - > turn on the Fameelee application
    3. Other people should log in with their own email, not yours one

    If other users log into the application using their phone but using your email at the same time, it means that they use Fameelee from your profile, but not from their ones. Thus you will see location update on your profile, not on their ones.

    4. Some applications can prevent normal operation of the app.

    Usually, such applications are called as application killers or task managers. They don’t let your application operate while it is functioning in the background. If the user has such kind of application installed he or she should enter its settings and let your primary applications operate.

    5. The application should be updated.

    Users should use the latest version of the app, which they can find in the Stores. If they see a newer one in the store they should install it instead of the previous version.

    6. The application can be reinstalled.

    If the app doesn’t work correctly, you can reinstall it. Just delete it and download a new one from the store. After that, you should turn off and turn on your device. You should not worry about losing any information as it is saved on your profile in Fameelee and you don’t loose it after reinstallation. You just need to reenter your profile after reinstallation with the same email.

  • Is it possible that an app can find a mobile device if it is lost?

    If the app doesn’t work correctly, you can reinstall it. Just delete it and download a new one from the store. After that, you should turn off and turn on your device. You should not worry about losing any information as it is saved on your profile in Fameelee and you don’t lose it after reinstallation. You just need to re-enter your profile after reinstallation with the same email.


  • How can I buy Fameelee Premium?

    You should do the following:

    • 1) Open the application on your mobile device.
    • 2) Choose the Menu.
    • 3) Tap Premium.
    • 4) After you choose your package, confirm that you start your trial period.
    • 5) After 7 days of trial period pay for your subscription.
  • Can I cancel my Fameelee Premium Subscription?
    Android devices:
    • - Go to Play Store installed on your device.
    • - Find Fameelee application there.
    • - Find the “Cancel” button on the page and click it to stop your subscription.

    You will find more information on Google subscription.

    iOS devices:
    • - Go to the AppStore installed on your iPhone, iPod or iPad device.
    • - Choose “Featured” button from the Menu.
    • - Fill in the Apple ID you have.
    • - Tap the “View Apple ID” button.
    • - Tap your password if necessary and press the “OK” button.
    • - Go to the Account Settings and tap “Manage App Subscription” button.
    • - First select a subscription you want to change, then select a category of the subscription.
    • - You can choose different options. Thus, you can change settings or cancel the Auto-Renewal system.

    You will find more information on App Store subscriptions.

  • I have paid for one Premium Circle, do I need to pay for other ones?

    Yes, you have to pay for each new Premium Circle of the Fameelee app.


  • Is it obligatory to be at the area I would like to point as a Place?

    No, it is not mandatory. You can choose a Place according to your choice and get the notifications about the other circle members when they enter or leave this Place.

  • What is a Place and how do I choose it?

    Places is a feature that lets you know when you loved ones arrive or leave some specific zone, i.e. School, University, Home, Work etc. Those specific zones are named Places. You can adjust Places and you will be informed every time your close people cross their area. If you want to create a Place, you should do the following:

    • 1) Go to the Menu
    • 2) Open Places
    • 3) Find the “Add Place” button
    • 4) Enter an address or pin an icon on the map to the area you want to add
    • 5) Adjust radius of fence and choose its name
    • 6) Choose who you would like to track and the action you would like to track
  • How can I update Place Settings?

    You can change settings in the following way:

    • 1) Go to the Menu
    • 2) Open Places
    • 3) Choose the Place you would like to update
    • 4) Change alerts of “Arrive/Leave” for any member of the Circle.

    If you want to delete one of the Places you should do the same and you will see a “Remove Place” button. You have the right to delete a Place if it was created by you or if you are the admin of the Circle.

Account / Profile

  • How can I delete my profile?

    You can delete your account, but please note that your premium subscription stays valid. The procedure is very simple.

    • 1) Go to the Menu
    • 2) Choose Settings
    • 3) Tap Account Settings
    • 4) Select Delete Account

    As a result, you will be removed from all the Circles in the application and your profile will be deleted. If you decided to do this just because your application is not working correctly, please, inform us and we will help you.

  • I cannot remember my password. How can I enter my profile?

    You can reset your password. In this case, you should do the following:

    • 1) Log Out of the app
    • 2) Enter your e-mail and click Forgot Password
    • 3) Get the Restore password link to your e-mail
  • What should I do if I change my e-mail?

    All the data is stored in your profile. If you change your e-mail you can use your previous log-in data to enter your Circles and make the next changes.

    • 1) Go to the “Menu”
    • 2) Click on Profile Photo to access profile details
    • 3) Click Edit and update your e-mail
    • 4) The next time you will be able to access your account with a new e-mail

    Note: If you register a new profile you will not be connected to all the participants of your previous profile.

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